3D Design & Artwork Pricing

Character Creation & Backgrounds

Initial Character Sculpt
$35 per character

Non-humanoid additions
$5 per piece of non-humanoid anatomy

Dynamic Clothing • Posing • Simulation
Starting at $25

Full HD Resolution
Additional $10
Defined by 1920 x 1080 px range in DAZ

Ultra HD Resolution
Additional $15
Defined by 3840 x 2160 px range in DAZ

Finished Render Painting Style
Additional $15

Finished Render Nouveau Style Painting
Additional $50

Custom Photoshop Work

Photoshop Post - Re-texturing
$15 per item
Minor Photoshop work including beauty marks, basic war paint, small scars, simple magic effects

Custom Texture Work
Starting at $25 per item
Large/complex scars, burns, large/complex birth marks, tattoos

Custom Eye Texture Work

Custom Eye Texture Work
Starting at $30

Custom Hair Style

Custom Hair Style
Starting at $25
Created with fiber simulator

How were prices determined?

The initial sculpt of a character can take 2-5 hours and can depend on many factors. Some examples of variables are if the character is human or a fantasy creature, finding and applying the best skin tones and shaders especially for non-human skin tones like greens and blues, proper posing to capture your character's personality, plus makeup and hair details.

Turning a render into a painting can be as simple as adding the right textures and the right filters with some minor touch up work. For something like an Art Nouveau poster it requires a lot of redrawing and additional painting that can add up 3-5 hours to a project and so the price reflects this extra work.

When sets, props, and additional figures are added to the render every additional detail puts more strain on my hardware and takes longer to render. While my computer is rendering a scene I cannot work on additional projects so the larger and more complex a scene the more productive time I lose.